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How does a circular vibrating screen work ?

  • The electric motor makes the driver eccentric cause high speed revolving through triangle belt, The revolution eccentric has the very big centrifugal force, which stimulates sieves box to have circularmotion with certain oscillation amplitude. The materials on sieves receive the impulse which the sieves passing to produce continual throwing movement in the inclined screening surface, in the process of the material and the screening surface meeting ,it makes the pellet which is smaller than the mesh pass sieves, thus realizes the graduation.. Its law of motion is the circular or the ellipse line, the vibration source is the driver leading for the electric motor. The circular oscillation sieves is the single axle vibrator, the main axle fixed in sieves box makes fast revolving by the electrical machinery, the eccentric body installed on main axle makes rotation along with it, and causes the centrifugal force of inertia,which makes the sieve box that can have free vibration have the approximate circular trace's vibration. For the purpose of obtaining different grain sizes, screens are available with one and two nets in the single screening sector version, and three in the double or triple screening sector versions. This operating principle ensures that the machine is completely static and that the mesh frame and the structure are oscillation free.
  • Vibrating screen adopts the barrel type of eccentric block to adjust the swing. It is also of reliable structure ,strong exiting force ,high screening efficiency ,low vibrating noise ,long durability, convenient maintenance, safe operation, etc. Our vibrating screen is widely used for screening in mines, building material, transportation, energy sources, chemical industry, etc.
  • Advantages of vibrating screen are: stable structure, strong exciting force, high efficiency, little noise, handy maintenance and safe operation; circular vibrating screen is not only used in the quarry, but also for coal preparation, mineral processing, building materials, electricity and chemical industry product classification.

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