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Construction Waste Crushing Line

  • What is construction waste ?
  • construction wasteConstruction, demolition and landclearing debris (CDL) is all non-hazardous solid waste resulting from construction, demolition and landclearing (CDL) activities. CDL waste materials that can be salvaged, reused or recycled include, but are not limited to, the following: acoustical ceiling tiles, asphalt, asphalt shingles, bricks, cardboard, carpet and pad, concrete, dirt, drywall, fluorescent lights & ballasts, insulation, landclearing debris, metals, paint, porcelain, wood, plastic film from packaging, window glass, wood, field office waste (paper, cans, glass & plastic bottles, cardboard) and so on. What should we do to the construction waste?
  • SAM contribution to the construction waste recycling disposal solutions
  • sbmSAM Group is professional manufacturer of crushing and powder making equipment. It is a major production and export base of sand-stone and powder making machinery in China.

    Till now, we have formed a whole production chain with main products: crushing machinery, grinding machinery, and auxiliary products: vibrating feeder, vibrating screen and other associated equipments. Advanced technology content, high reliability, low operation and maintenance cost have enabled our products to take the leading position in the field. Our products have been exported to more than 150 countries and are widely used in global mining and construction industry.
  • Construction waste crushing line
  • SAM has offered two famous technics solution of construction waste as follows:
  • Construction waste crushing line 1: A common waste crushing line
  • Along with extension and rebuild of the city, the administrator would have to face the construction waste which is an intractable problem and an important link that affects civilization of the city. How to process the construction waste? Is there any new machinery or new craft to utilize the construction wastes?

    construction waste crushing line

    By the above situation, SAM, has successfully explored a new technology of utilizing the construction waste after years of reseach. Using the special machinery, the construction waste is crushed and screened, then is widely used in concrete brick, pavement and construction. This new technology has truly reused the construction waste, will benefit the state and people. And it provides a new development idea for the urban development.

    During the construction waste crushing process, we offer the best vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and other related equipments. We will work together with you and push ourselves to work hard for the civilization of the city.
  • Construction waste crushing line 2: Mobile crushing line
  • mobile crusherThe current construction waste recycling already have some technical basis, regardless of the laboratory research or market applications have certain results. SAM self-developed hydraulic drive track-type mobile crusher station and tire mobile crusher station, the construction garbage coarse broken, the broken and broken bits, according to the different needs of different customers to flexibly configure a crushing, crushing two and three Grade crushing mobile crusher station equipment, while at all levels to optimize the combination of crushing and screening, we will do our best to meet customer needs. With regard to mobile crusher station "broken after the first screening" of "first screen after the broken" and detailed process. Many of the waste of construction waste through sorting, remove, or crushed, the majority can be used as renewable resources, re-use such as: scrap steel, scrap wire, scrap wire, and various accessories and other metal scrap, after sorting, concentration, re-melted again after the processing and manufacturing into a variety of specifications of steel; waste timber bamboo can be used to make artificial wood; brick, stone, concrete and other materials through the crush, they can on behalf of the sand used in masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion and so on, can also be used to produce building blocks, paved Road, brick, tiles and other building materials lattice.

    Because of construction waste dumping are relatively concentrated, space is limited, and traffic is not very convenient, so SAM use of mobile screening equipment, the Commonwealth, equipment and flexible, convenient, highly mobile, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation expenses; be able to carry out material on-site crushing of materials transported from the scene without having to re-broken, and can advance with the surface mining of raw materials that move, which significantly reduce the transportation costs of materials. mobile crusher station flexible configuration and can be modified according to the actual site design or special features of mobile crusher station, designed to correspond to the construction waste disposal process.

    mobile crusher for waste process

    SAM mobile crusher station including hydraulic drive track-type mobile crusher station and tire mobile crusher station. Wheeled mobile crusher station including the standard type, closed type, single combination series, and two combination of crushing series, standard also includes mobile jaw crusher station, mobile cone crusher station, back-breaking mobile crusher station, vertical shaft impact crusher broken mobile feeding stations and cone-breaking mobile crusher station; closed-loop model also includes closed-circuit-type cone-breaking mobile crusher stations, closed-circuit-type back-breaking mobile crusher station and closed-circuit-type shock-breaking mobile crusher station; single combination of broken family also includes back-breaking combination of mobile screening crushing station, jaw-breaking combination of mobile screening stations and cone crusher screener breaking combination of mobile crusher station; hydraulic drive track-type mobile station, including track-type mobile crusher jaw-breaking station, back-breaking tracked mobile crusher, cone crusher broken track-type mobile Track screening stations and mobile crusher station series.